DocuLock, LLC was founded out of a growing market need to have secure and efficient document scanning and archiving services completed on a regular basis. DocuLock, LLC blossomed under the privilege to work with dozens of great clients and partners, while learning the fascinating ins-and- outs of these companies and their vertical markets. During these discussions, with the completion of projects, and thousands of hours of research, we quickly found that these companies and their needs went well beyond document scanning. It became apparent that areas such as retention law and document workflow planning needed to be seriously addressed to improve daily business operations and liability protection for intellectual property.

DocuLock, LLC offers full circle solutions, and specializes in high volume onsite document scanning, historical preservation, document workflow planning, and supplying day-forward solutions as well as critical retention law education. We have provided solutions for vertical markets including: funeral homes, distribution centers, healthcare, legal, historical/preservation, elderly care and rehab facilities, public libraries, among many others. Our solutions provide our partners with intellectual property protection and better document workflow management to improve day-to-day business operations and save valuable time. Whether that business is a battery supply chain needing access to critical client documentation across all devices on the supply routes, or a genealogical society needing the ability to make their precious and historic collections accessible to researchers and patrons across the globe. DocuLock, LLC has the expertise to get the project completed in a professional, consulting, and efficient manner.

We look forward to hearing your company’s story and working together to see how DocuLock, LLC can give Peace of Mind to you and your team daily.

An Introduction to Our Leadership Team

Paul is a co-founder and the CEO of DocuLock, LLC. He has been involved in consultative sales since 1999, with a heavy involvement in the IT sector. Paul specializes in collaboration with business partners to promote awareness and the importance of document workflow and the improvement of efficiency in day-to-day business operations for entire organizations. He has spent a great deal of time with the funeral home industry, as well as with DocuLock’s strategic partners to develop and deliver full circle solutions to our clientele. Paul’s journey has been long, challenging, and educational. He served for three years in the US Army (Infantry) and completed a B.A. in History at Eastern Washington University in 1999.
Cory is a co-founder and COO at DocuLock, LLC. He specializes in collaboration with business partners to promote awareness of retention laws, and supply protection measurements against business liability. Cory performs constant research and development of arriving and upcoming technologies that benefit partners and potential partners. He spends a great deal of time with the medical, legal, and historical industries. A crucial part to Cory’s role is being able to sit down and proactively listen to potential partners’ pains, gains, and opportunities, and being readily available to provide constructive consultation driven by passion and followed with solutions. He graduated with honors from Missouri Western State University, earning a B.S in History with a Creative Writing minor in the fall of 2012.